An Afternoon Horsing Around in Hope Valley

Yesterday we went to Hope Valley Meadow.

The plan had been to go to the creek by Red Lake but plans changed en route and we parked here instead to make the trip easier for the truck.

As it turned out Plan B was better for all.  Patticakes has the most mountain and trail experience.  Carrie has trail competition experience but in much more controlled environments.  Gracie has hardly been away from home and herd at all.  The flat terrain and ample grazing made the whole day much more pleasurable for all of them.

Patticakes did a great job ponying Gracie – first time ponying for her.  Gracie got to tag along at liberty quite a bit and seemed to love it.

Carrie was pretty nervous being out in the wild but even so helped the other girls get used to pond and creeks.  Patticakes and Gracie started off the afternoon scard to death of the pond.  As you can see they got over their fear and decided standing around in the water and nibbling on weeds like a moose is pretty cool stuff!

An amazing wonderful day in the mountains!  There is nothing like fresh mountain air and playing with horses to rejuvenate the spirit.

Happy Trails,