Do horses feel grief?

I think – yes.  I have seen it first hand and there is no question in my mind that at least some horses do.  The following words and pictures are both very touching and  sad and the picture is both very touching and a bit gruesome. 
If you are squeamish about the sight of blood you might want to pass. 
I posted it here because I think it is mostly touching and because I think people need to be reminded that animals are sentient beings and have feelings just like us.

The following is from the HorseConscious Newsletter Issue No XXXVII

Do horses feel grief? The picture below is of Gitana, a 19 year old Andalusian mare, who had just given birth to a little filly. The foal had lived for just one minute after birth following a 45 minute struggle to reposition her.

The picture was taken 45 minutes after the foal died and her mother just lay next to her dead foal for hours afterwards mourning her tragic loss.

Now, if that is not the most heart-wrenching photo you’d never wish to see, then I don’t know what is. Anyone who claims that horses cannot feel pain, physical or emotional, is clearly in need of help themselves. That poor, poor mare. I am at a loss for words…