Working With Individuals

Helping humans learn to communicate effectively with horses on the ground and in the saddle.

Helping horses overcome negative past experiences with humans.

I want to help humans become the leader their horse wants and needs – a leader who is strong, fair, consistent – a leader who speaks their language – a leader who not only speaks but also listens.

If you want to learn natural horsemanship and like a hands on approach more than studying video tapes and reading books then I may be your guy.

With a foundation of trust, respect and communication or as Parelli says – Love, language and leadership – everything will start clicking for you and your horse.

My approach to ground skills is that teaching a horse to yield leads to safety and trust and that building a partnership on the ground can lead to a more resistance free relationship when in the saddle.

I think good posture and proper form are a result of developing  confidence, relaxation and balance.  You will probably not hear me saying things like sit up straight or lower your heels.  My take is that if you can learn how to find your balance and relax  and merge with your horse your posture will  improve over time.

After looking over my site, if you think I may be able to help you, let’s talk.

The initial consultation is free in the Carson City area.