Mindful Horsemanship

Have you ever noticed your horse go from happy and calm one moment to wound up and stressed the next. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew how to intervene when that happens and help your horse get back to it’s natural state of equanimity? Natural horsemanship techniques can really help teach horses to gain confidence in you and our human environment. Mindfulness practices can really help teach you to be able to use those techniques effectively.

Before you can teach your horse, you need to be able to calm your horse. Before you can calm your horse you need to be able to calm yourself.

In the past many people used dominance, force  and coercion. they broke horses.  If you are still reading your probably don’t want that for your horse. You probably don’t want to turn your horse into a lifeless machine. I’m glad!

In the process of using natural horsemanship techniques to teach horses normal things like trailers, clippers, plastic bags , hoof trimming, etc.  we also can teach them confidence and trust, we can teach them how to think things through and to trust us. We can, that is, if we can teach ourselves to be in the present moment.

I’ve been practicing horsemanship and mindfulness for quite a few years now. For me working with the unruly horses that are my mind and working with real horses in my life go hand in hand. If you would like some help with either or both give me a shout.

Don’t just take my word for it – check out the wonderful testimonials I’ve received from some of my horsey friends.