Equine Relationship Coaching

The main thing we have to do to be safe and happy with our horses is to help them discover that there is another strategy when they are scared besides panic. 

Historically many people have accomplished this through dominance, force  and coercion – they have literally, not just figuratively, broken horses.  If you want your horse to be a machine, like a hay burning motorcycle, you are in the wrong place. 

Running first and thinking later is a strategy that has worked for horses for eons, but in the  human environment it can spell big trouble for horses and horse people. 

When done right, in the process of teaching horses normal things like trailers, clippers, plastic, feet, etc.  we also can teach them confidence and trust and how to think things through.  We teach them to turn and face instead of turning tail.  We teach them to be partners instead of prey animals.

If what you want is a connected friend and companion, a pet that you ride, then a more appropriate way to accomplish your goal is to help your horse build self confidence.  When you help your hosre build self confidence you  prove that you can be trusted.  When you do it as a respected leader who listens and understands you get a happy, confident and connected partner.

If this kind of approach sounds good to you then you have come to the right place.   Let’s talk.

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