Picture of Steve in a meadow with Patticakes, Gracie and Codie


My name is Steve Swartz and this web site is to communicate to people who might be interested in getting some help for themselves or their horses using techniques that are commonly referred to as “Natural Horsemanship”.

I am based in Carson City, Nevada and when I am not running my bookkeeping and tax business or doing volunteer work or web sites or art, I am available for what I call Equine Relationship Coaching or Mindful Horsemanship.I am available to work with Individuals, Small Groups, Horses with Issues and Equine Related Non-Profits.

Please take a few minutes to peruse my site.  You should quickly get the idea that I am not into “breaking” horses.  I have studied and learned from many “Natural Horsemanship” trainers.  Some of my strongest influences have been:  Pat Parelli, John Lyons & His Kids, Monte Roberts, Richard Winters, Stacy Westfall, Jonathan Field, and Chris Cox

Hopefully this site will help you get an idea of where I am coming from.  If I can be of service, I’d love to hear from you.