Working With Equine Nonprofits

Since I got my start re-learning how to help horses in the world of Therapeutic Equine Programs it is my pleasure to offer my services free of charge to Non Profit Programs such as Therapy Programs and sanctuaries.

As you can probably see  from other posts on this site, my approach involves acclimatising horses to human stuff and building confidence through success.  I rely heavily on Parelli Natural HorseManShip (PNH) and other natural horsemanship methods.

Horses in therapy programs are generally some of the best horses around but problems still come up on occasion.  Sometimes a horse that is thought to be broke to the heart begins to reveal issues that have been hidden because of the way they were broken, as opposed to taught.

Therapy horses sometimes reveal holes in their training by developing trouble with side walkers, nervous chewing and pestering horse leaders, overreacting to objects and events, etc.

Horse rescue and sanctuary programs sometimes have horses with problems that are beyond the ability of resident staff to solve.

I am based in Carson City, Nevada but am willing to  make myself available to non local programs for short term interventions to help with horses and help train staff.

I have extensive experience with Social Service and Non profit Programs such as Kids & Horses, Horses for the Spirit, Heal Therapy of Nevada, NEAT, CASA of Carson City, Head Start and more.  I have experience working as an administrator, staff member  and volunteer.

Here is what Judy Holt – NARHA Instructor and Previous Equine manager has to say about my style.