Patti Bertram

I have been a breeder of Appaloosa’s and Quarter Horses for 35 years.  I have never owned less than a dozen and more like 20+ at all times.  Many champions in several disciplines have been dreamed of, bred, raised and/or promoted by me.  When it comes to trainers I’ve had my share!  Let me say in their defense;  a few have given me World and National champions.  They got the results we were after and within the AGENDA. 

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Laurie Roberts – N.E.A.T.

I met Steve several years ago when we both were learning about a new equine therapy program.  I was immediately impressed by this big man with the kind and gentle way of being, not just with humans, but with horses too.  Though I was new to the field, Steve had been volunteering for another program that did similar work.  He willingly shared his knowledge and experience, helping me find my way in a new field and helping me to see my relationship with horses in a fresh and more creative way.

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