Patti Bertram

I have been a breeder of Appaloosa’s and Quarter Horses for 35 years.  I have never owned less than a dozen and more like 20+ at all times.  Many champions in several disciplines have been dreamed of, bred, raised and/or promoted by me.  When it comes to trainers I’ve had my share!  Let me say in their defense;  a few have given me World and National champions.  They got the results we were after and within the AGENDA. 

Riding Carrie

I had heard of “Natural Horsemanship”, but only recently did I investigate it.  It has changed my whole life and especially that of my beloved horses.  What a blessing and my good fortune to have found Steve and his wife Terrah.  They PLAY with my horses using their quiet ”Natural” and humane methods.  Steve has amazing patience and knowledge.  His . . .principles of ground work has eliminated hundreds of laps around the round pen.  Steve shares and explains this . . . knowledge in ways that are easily understood, a lot of details of “timing and feel”.

Besides starting my youngsters- he has taken my gang of broodmares and is giving them confidence outside the herd with trust in the handler as a strong leader.  Surprisingly they are becoming riding horses after all these years.  I am so impressed with Steve.  With him there is no demand and bullying into compliance.  He uses encouragement, compassion and respect.

Patty Bertram, Apaloosa Breeder – Minden Nevada