Horse Starting Milestones

 I’ve been starting horses lately and thinking about a check list  – what the pieces are to go from wild to riding.

Here is my thinking so far about what the basic building blocks are. 

  • It seems to me that the first two are probably prerequisites for the rest
    • Catching and Haltering
    • Lead – Tie – Moving  Around in Sync
  • The next ones can probably be mixed and matched
    • Handling – Hooves, Clipping, etc.
    • Sending Places – Checking  things out with nose and feet, Trailer Loading, bridges and water.
    • Accepting Objects – Blankets, Saddles wierd stuff like bags and balls and ropes, etc.
  • All of the above would hopefully lead to the following going pretty smooth, and stress free for horse and rider
    • Mounting- Dismounting
    • Basic Arena Riding – Walk, Trot and Canter

I’d guess after all of the above, if you haven’t ventured out of the arena yet, now woud be the time.